Vol 12, No 11

Bianchi type V universe with bulk viscous matter and time varying gravitational and cosmological constants

Prashant Singh Baghel, Jagdish Prasad Singh


Abstract We consider spatially homogeneous and anisotropic Bianchi type V space-time with a bulk viscous fluid source, and time varying gravitational constant G and cosmological term Λ. The coefficient of bulk viscosity ζ is assumed to be a simple linear function of the Hubble parameter H (i.e. ζ = ζ0 + ζ1H, where ζ0 and ζ1 are constants). The Einstein field equations are solved explicitly by using a law of variation for the Hubble parameter, which yields a constant value of the deceleration parameter. Physical and kinematical parameters of the models are discussed. The models are found to be compatible with the results of astronomical observations.


Keywords bulk viscosity — Bianchi V — relativity: equation of state — cosmology: cosmological parameters — miscellaneous

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