Vol 12, No 10

Preliminary results of solving the problem of geometric distortion for the 2.4 m telescope at Yunnan Observatory

Qing-Feng Zhang, Qing-Yu Peng, Zi Zhu


Abstract We observed the open clusters NGC 1664 (43 exposures) and M35 (42 exposures) by the Yunnan Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera in the 2.4 m telescope at Yunnan Astronomical Observatory on 2011 January 3, and processed them by a method recently proposed by us. The result shows that there is a geometric distortion effect in the field of view and the maximum distortion is ~ 0.25'' (i.e. 1 pixel). After correcting the geometric distortion, the precision of stellar positional measurement is significantly improved. The best precision in each direction is 6 mas for well-exposed stars.


Keywords astrometry — methods: data analysis — techniques: image processing

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