Vol 23, No 5

Atmospheric Parameters and Kinematic Information for the M Giant Stars from LAMOST DR9

Dan Qiu, Hao Tian, Jing Li, Chao Liu, Lin Long, Jian-Rong Shi, Ming Yang and Bo Zhang


A catalog of more than 43,000 M giant stars has been selected by Li et al. from the ninth data release of LAMOST. Using the data-driven method SLAM, we obtain the stellar parameters (Teff, log g, [M/H], [α/M]) for all the M giant stars with uncertainties of 57 K, 0.25 dex, 0.16 dex and 0.06 dex at SNR > 100, respectively. With those stellar parameters, we constrain the absolute magnitude in the K − band, which brings distance with relative uncertainties around 25% statistically. Radial velocities are also calculated by applying cross correlation on the spectra between 8000 and 8950 Å with synthetic spectra from ATLAS9, which covers the Ca ii triplet. Comparison between our radial velocities and those from APOGEE DR17 and Gaia DR3 shows that our radial velocities have a system offset and dispersion around 1 and 4.6 km s−1, respectively. With the distances and radial velocities combining with the astrometric data from Gaia DR3, we calculate the full 6D position and velocity information, which are able to be used for further chemo-dynamic studies on the disk and substructures in the halo, especially the Sagittarius Stream.


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