Vol 23, No 2

Solar Active Region Magnetogram Generation by Attention Generative Adversarial Networks

Wenqing Sun, Long Xu, Yin Zhang, Dong Zhao and Fengzhen Zhang


Learning the mapping of magnetograms and EUV images is important for understanding the solar eruption mechanism and space weather forecasting. Previous works are mainly based on the pix2pix model for full-disk magnetograms generation and obtain good performance. However, in general, we are more concerned with the magnetic field distribution in the active regions where various solar storms such as the solar flare and coronal mass ejection happen. In this paper, we fuse the self-attention mechanism with the pix2pix model which allows more computation resource and greater weight for strong magnetic regions. In addition, the attention features are concatenated by the Residual Hadamard Production (RHP) with the abstracted features after the encoder. We named our model as RHP-attention pix2pix. From the experiments, we can find that the proposed model can generate magnetograms with finer strong magnetic structures, such as sunspots. In addition, the polarity distribution of generated magnetograms at strong magnetic regions is more consistent with observed ones.


techniques: image processing – Sun: magnetic fields – Sun: general

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