Vol 22, No 4

Solar Supergranular Fractal Dimension Dependence on the Solar Cycle Phase

G. Rajani, G. M. Sowmya, U. Paniveni, R. Srikanth


Abstract We study the complexity of the supergranular network through fractal dimension by using the Ca II K digitized data archive obtained from the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory. The data consist of 326 visually selected supergranular cells spread across the 23rd solar cycle. Only cells that were well-defined were chosen for the analysis and we discuss the potential selection effect thereof, mainly that it favors cells of a smaller size (<20 Mm). Within this sample, we analyzed the fractal dimension of supergranules across the solar cycle and find that it is anticorrelated with the activity level.


Keywords Sun: chromosphere – Sun: granulation – Sun: activity

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