Vol 22, No 10

Evolution of Close Binary System Parameter Distributions

Dugasa Belay Zeleke, Seblu Humne Negu and Oleg Yu. Malkov .


In this paper, we investigate the orbital and stellar parameters of low- and intermediate-mass close binary systems. We use models, presented in the catalog of Han et al. and calculate parameters of accretors. We also construct distributions of systems along luminosity, semimajor axis and angular momentum, and make some conclusions on their evolution with time. We compare the results with observational data and it shows a good agreement. The set of theoretical models published quite adequately describes the observational data and, consequently, can be used to determine the evolutionary path of specific close binary systems, their initial parameter values and final stages.


(stars:) binaries (including multiple): close – stars: low-mass – stars: mass-loss

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