Vol 21, No 6

Optical system research of multi-object fiber spectroscopic survey telescope

Hua Bai, Ding-qiang Su, Ming Liang, Stephen A. Shectman, Xiang-Yan Yuan, Xiang-Qun Cui


Abstract In the first part of this paper, four different Cassegrain optical systems with their correctors are designed and studied for multi-object fiber slit spectroscopic survey. The aperture in 6.5 m and field of view 3° are taken for these optical systems. Assuming observation wavelength range is 0.365–0.95µm, the maximum zenith distance for observing is 60°, the maximum diameter of these lenses is 1.66 m, the altitude of the telescope site is 2500 m, two correctors are composed of 4-piece lenses and the other two are 5-piece lenses. The results obtained are: f-ratio about 3.7, the image quality for all four systems with EE80D ≤ 0.60′′, the linear diameter of the focal surface is about 1.2 m and 11 000 fibers can be set on it. Considering the limit of size of fused silica and optical glass, the maximum diameter for lens is about 1.7 m. Such a 6.5 m telescope is about the largest one if using the above correctors. Considering the multiobject spectroscopic survey is greatly important, we also studied some telescope optical systems having their aperture near or larger than 10 m used for the multi-object fiber spectroscopic survey. Such ideas are introduced in the last section of this paper.


Keywords telescopes — techniques: miscellaneous — techniques: spectroscopic — methods: miscellaneous — surveys — instrumentation: miscellaneous

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