Vol 21, No 5

A new class of viable and exact solutions of EFEs with Karmarkar conditions: an application to cold star modeling

Neeraj Pant, Megandhren Govender, Satyanarayana Gedela


Abstract In this work we present a theoretical framework within Einstein’s classical general relativity which models stellar compact objects such as PSR J1614–2230 and SAX J1808.4–3658. The Einstein field equations are solved by assuming that the interior of the compact object is described by a class I spacetime. The so-called Karmarkar condition arising from this requirement is integrated to reduce the gravitational behaviour to a single generating function. By appealing to physics we adopt a form for the gravitational potential which is sufficiently robust to accurately describe compact objects. Our model satisfies all the requirements for physically realistic stellar structures.


Keywords Compact star — anisotropy — embedding class — Einstein field equations — adiabatic index

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