Vol 20, No 3

Defocus Spot Detection of Astronomical Optical System

Tian-Zhu Hu, Yong Zhang, Xiang-Qun Cui, Ye-Ping Li, Hua Bai, Xiu-Shan Pan


Abstract Defocusing spot size detection is especially essential for aberration analysis and correction of optical systems. In the case of far defocusing, the celestial forms a pupil image on the detector, and the size of the image is linearly changed with the defocusing distance, and can be used to correct the optical system and analyze the image quality. Based on the focal plane attitude detection of Large Sky Area MultiObject Fiber Spectroscopy Telescope (LAMOST), this paper uses a variety of methods to detect the size of the defocusing spot of LAMOST telescope. For the particularity of the spot, the average value spacing algorithm, the peak value spacing algorithm, the ellipse fitting algorithm, and the multi-peak Gaussian fitting algorithm are used to detect the spot size. This paper will introduce these four methods, in which the average value spacing algorithm is proposed by the author of this paper. The advantages and disadvantages of the four methods are compared. The experimental results show that the average value spacing algorithm can achieve better accuracy of spot size detection in the four algorithms.


Keywords methods: data analysis — techniques: image processing — telescopes

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