Vol 20, No 12

Parametric resonance orbit analysis for irregular shaped asteroids based on the perturbed particle-linkage model

Ying-Jing Qian, Zhen Si, Xiao-Dong Yang, Wei Zhang


Abstract There are plentiful asteroids moving periodically around their central primaries, such as the Sun. Due to the perturbation of the central primary, the gravitational force of the perturbed asteroid system varies periodically. In this paper, based on the idea of integrating the solar gravitational force as a part of the system instead of treating it as perturbation, the parametric resonance response is investigated. A novel type of stable parametric resonance orbits has been detected. It is found that the steady-state motion amplitude of parametric resonance orbit is determined by the frequency-response equation. The stability of the novel orbits has also been demonstrated. The new type of orbits may contribute to possible asteroid exploration missions.


Keywords asteroids: general — space vehicles — celestial mechanics

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