Vol 15, No 4

Modern comprehensive study of the W UMa system TY Boo

Magdy M. Elkhateeb, Mohamed Ibrahim Nouh, Abdel-Naby S. Saad


Abstract New three color light curves of TY Boo were acquired during five nights from February to May 2006 in the BVR bandpass using a 50-cm F/8.4 Ritchey-Chr ́etien telescope (Ba50) at the Baja Astronomical Observatory (Hungary), with a 512 × 512 Apogee AP-7 CCD camera. A photometric solution of these light curves was obtained by means of the Wilson-Devinney code. The results showed that the less massive component is hotter than the more massive one, and the temperature difference between the components is ∆T ~ 249 K. Long term investigation of the system based on all available data shows two stages of increase and a similar trend for decrease, which appears to be periodic behavior. A set of new light elements yields a new period (P = 0.3171506d) and shows a periodic decrease with the rate dP /dE = 5.858 × 10−12 d cycle−1, 6.742 × 10−9 d yr−1 or 0.058 s century−1. The evolutionary status of the system is discussed.


Keywords binaries: eclipsing — stars: evolution

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