Vol 15, No 4

The YNEV stellar evolution and oscillation code

Qian-Sheng Zhang


Abstract We have developed a new stellar evolution and oscillation code YNEV, which calculates the structures and evolutions of stars, taking into account hydrogen and helium burning. A nonlocal turbulent convection theory and an updated over-shoot mixing model are optional in this code. The YNEV code can evolve low- and intermediate-mass stars from the pre-main sequence to a thermally pulsing asymptotic branch giant or white dwarf. The YNEV oscillation code calculates the eigenfrequencies and eigenfunctions of the adiabatic oscillations for a given stellar structure. The input physics and numerical scheme adopted in the code are introduced. Examples of solar models, stellar evolutionary tracks of low- and intermediate-mass stars with different convection theories (i.e. mixing-length theory and nonlocal turbulent convection theory), and stellar oscillations are shown.


Keywords stars — stellar structure — stellar evolution — stellar oscillations

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