Vol 7, No 2

Solar Magnetism and the Activity Telescope at HSOS

Hong-Qi Zhang, Dong-Guang Wang, Yuan-Yong Deng, Ke-Liang Hu, Jiang-Tao Su, Jia-Ben Lin, Gang-Hua Lin, Shi-Mo Yang, Wei-Jun Mao, Ya-Nan Wang, Qi-Qian Hu, Jun-Sun Xue, Hai-Tian Lu, Hou-Kun Ni, Han-Liang Chen, Xiao-Jun Zhou, Qing-Sheng Zhu, Lü-Jun Yuan, Yong Zhu


Abstract A new solar telescope system is described, which has been operating at Huairou Solar Observing Station (HSOS), National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), since the end of 2005. This instrument, the Solar Magnetism and Activity Telescope (SMAT), comprises two telescopes which respectively make measurements of full solar disk vector magnetic field and Hα observation. The core of the full solar disk video vector magnetograph is a birefringent filter with 0.1Å bandpass, installed in the tele-centric optical system of the telescope. We present some preliminary observational results of the full solar disk vector magnetograms and Hα filtergrams obtained with this telescope system.



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