Vol 18, No 6

Lyra’s cosmology of hybrid universe in Bianchi-V space-time

Anil Yadav, Vinod Kumar Bhardwaj


Abstract In this paper we have searched for the existence of Lyra’s cosmology in a hybrid universe with minimal interaction between dark energy and normal matter using Bianchi-V space-time. To derive the exact solution, the average scale factor is taken as a = (tnekt)1/m which describes the hybrid nature of the scale factor and generates a model of the transitioning universe from the early deceleration phase to the present acceleration phase. The quintessence model makes the matter content of the derived universe remarkably able to satisfy the null, dominant and strong energy condition. It has been found that the time varying displacement β(t) co-relates with the nature of cosmological constant Λ(t). We also discuss some physical and geometrical features of the universe.


Keywords cosmology: hybrid universe — cosmology: dark energy — cosmology: Bianchi-V space-time

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