Vol 18, No 6

What do parameterized Om(z) diagnostics tell us in light of recent observations?

Jing-Zhao Qi, Shuo Cao, Marek Biesiada, Teng-Peng Xu, Yan Wu, Si-Xuan Zhang, Zong-Hong Zhu


Abstract In this paper, we propose a new parametrization for Om(z) diagnostics and show how the most recent and significantly improved observations concerning the H(z) and SN Ia measurements can be used to probe the consistency or tension between the ΛCDM model and observations. Our results demonstrate that H0 plays a very important role in the consistency test of ΛCDM with H(z) data. Adopting the Hubble constant priors from Planck 2013 and Riess, one finds considerable tension between the current H(z) data and ΛCDM model and confirms the conclusions obtained previously by others. However, with the Hubble constant prior taken from WMAP9, the discrepancy between H(z) data and ΛCDM disappears, i.e., the current H(z) observations still support the cosmological constant scenario. This conclusion is also supported by the results derived from the Joint Light-curve Analysis (JLA) SN Ia sample. The best-fit Hubble constant from the combination of H(z)+JLA (\(H_0 = 68.81^{+1.50}_{−1.49} km~s^{-1}~Mpc^{−1}\)) is very consistent with results derived both by Planck 2013 and WMAP9, but is significantly different from the recent local measurement by Riess.


Keywords cosmology: theory — cosmology: observations — cosmology: cosmological parameters

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