Vol 18, No 4

Period variations of Algol-type eclipsing binaries AD And, TW Cas and IV Cas

Štefan Parimucha, Pavol Gajdoš, Viktor Kudak, Miroslav Fedueco, Martin Vaňko


Abstract We present new analyses of variations in O − C diagrams of three Algol-type eclipsing binary stars: AD And, TW Cas and IV Cas. We have used all published minima times (including visual and photographic) as well as newly determined ones from our and SuperWasp observations. We determined orbital parameters of 3rd bodies in the systems with statistically significant errors, using our code based on genetic algorithms and Markov chain Monte Carlo simulations. We confirmed the multiple nature of AD And and the triple-star model of TW Cas, and we proposed a quadruple-star model of IV Cas.


Keywords binaries: close — binaries: eclipsing — techniques: photometric — stars: individual (AD And, TW Cas, IV Cas)

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