Vol 17, No 3

On the effect of turbulent anisotropy on pulsation stability of stars

Chun-Guang Zhang, Li-Cai Deng, Da-Run Xiong


Abstract Within the framework of a non-local time-dependent stellar convection theory, we study in detail the effect of turbulent anisotropy on stellar pulsation stability. The results show that anisotropy has no substantial influence on pulsation stability of g modes and low-order (radial order nr < 5) p modes. The effect of turbulent anisotropy increases as the radial order increases. When turbulent anisotropy is neglected, most high-order ( nr > 5) p modes of all low-temperature stars become unstable. Fortunately, within a wide range of the anisotropic parameter c3, stellar pulsation stability is not sensitive to the specific value of c3. Therefore it is safe to say that calibration errors of the convective parameter c3 do not cause any uncertainty in the calculation of stellar pulsation stability.


Keywords convection — stars: interiors — stars: oscillations

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