Vol 17, No 11

Short-term solar flare prediction using image-case-based reasoning

Jin-Fu Liu, Fei Li, Huai-Peng Zhang, Da-Ren Yu


Abstract Solar flares strongly influence space weather and human activities, and their prediction is highly complex. The existing solutions such as data based approaches and model based approaches have a common shortcoming which is the lack of human engagement in the forecasting process. An image-case-based reasoning method is introduced to achieve this goal. The image case library is composed of SOHO/MDI longitudinal magnetograms, the images from which exhibit the maximum horizontal gradient, the length of the neutral line and the number of singular points that are extracted for retrieving similar image cases. Genetic optimization algorithms are employed for optimizing the weight assignment for image features and the number of similar image cases retrieved. Similar image cases and prediction results derived by majority voting for these similar image cases are output and shown to the forecaster in order to integrate his/her experience with the final prediction results. Experimental results demonstrate that the case-based reasoning approach has slightly better performance than other methods, and is more efficient with forecasts improved by humans.



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