Vol 16, No 9

The point spread function reconstruction by using Moffatlets – I

Bai-Shun Li, Guo-Liang Li, Jun Cheng, John Peterson, Wei Cui


Abstract Shear measurement is a crucial task in current and future weak lensing survey projects. The reconstruction of the point spread function (PSF) is one of the essential steps involved in this process. In this work, we present three different methods, Gaussianlets, Moffatlets and Expectation Maximization Principal Component Analysis (EMPCA), and quantify their efficiency on PSF reconstruction using four sets of simulated Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) star images. Gaussianlets and Moffatlets are two different sets of basis functions whose profiles are based on Gaussian and Moffat functions respectively. EMPCA is a statistical method performing an iterative procedure to find the principal components (PCs) of an ensemble of star images. Our tests show that: (1) Moffatlets always perform better than Gaussianlets. (2) EMPCA is more compact and flexible, but the noise existing in the PCs will contaminate the size and ellipticity of PSF. By contrast, Moffatlets keep the size and ellipticity very well.


Keywords cosmology: observations — stars: imaging — techniques: image processing

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