Vol 16, No 5

The distance duality relation test from the ACT cluster and type Ia supernova data

Lin-Hai Hu, Pu-Xun Wu, Hong-Wei Yu


Abstract The validity of the cosmic distance-duality (DD) relation is investigated by using 91 measurements of the gas mass fraction of galaxy clusters recently reported by the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT) and the luminosity distance from the Union2.1 type Ia supernova (SNIa) sample independent of any cosmological models and the value of the Hubble constant. We consider four different approaches to derive the gas mass function and two different parameterizations of the DD relation, and find that they have very slight influences on the DD relation test and the relation is valid at the 1σ confidence level. We also discuss the constraints on α and β, which represent the effects of the shapes and colors of the light curves of SNIa, respectively. Our results on α and β are different from those obtained from the ΛCDM model and the galaxy cluster plus SNIa data.


Keywords cosmology: theory — galaxies — clusters: general-distance scale

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