Vol 16, No 4

Interaction of Gravitational field and Brans-Dicke field in R/W universe containing Dark Energy like fluid

Kangujam Priokumar Singh, Koijam Manihar Singh, Mukunda Dewri


Abstract On studying some new models of Robertson-Walker universes with a Brans-Dicke scalar field, it is found that most of these universes contain a dark energy like fluid which confirms the present scenario of the expansion of the universe. In one of the cases, the exact solution of the field equations gives a universe with a false vacuum, while in another it reduces to that of dust distribution in the Brans-Dicke cosmology when the cosmological constant is not in the picture. In one particular model it is found that the universe may undergo a Big Rip in the future, and thus it will be very interesting to investigate such models further.


Keywords Brans-Dicke scalar field — cosmological constant — dark energy — quintessence — k- essence — big rip

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