Vol 16, No 4

Chaplygin gas of Tachyon Nature Imposed by Noether Symmetry and constrained via H(z) data

Lucas Gardai Collodel, Gilberto Medeiros Kremer


Abstract An action of general form is proposed for a Universe containing matter, radiation and dark energy. The latter is interpreted as a tachyon field non-minimally coupled to the scalar curvature. The Palatini approach is used when varying the action so the connection is given by a more generic form. Both the self-interaction potential and the non-minimally coupling function are obtained by constraining the system to present invariability under global point transformation of the fields (Noether Symmetry). The only possible solution is shown to be that of minimal coupling and constant potential (Chaplygin gas). The behavior of the dynamical properties of the system is compared to recent observational data, which infers that the tachyon field must indeed be dynamical.


Keywords Tachyon Cosmology, Noether Symmetry, Dark Energy, Hubble Parameter

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