Vol 16, No 2

Three-dimensional orbit and physical parameters of HD 6840

Xiao-Li Wang, Shu-Lin Ren, Yan-Ning Fu


Abstract HD 6840 is a double-lined visual binary with an orbital period of ~7.5 years. By fitting the speckle interferometric measurements made by the 6 m BTA telescope and 3.5 m WIYN telescope, Balega et al. gave a preliminary astrometric orbital solution of the system in 2006. Recently, Griffin derived a precise spectroscopic orbital solution from radial velocities observed with OPH and Cambridge Coravel. However, due to the low precision of the determined orbital inclination, the derived component masses are not satisfying. By adding the newly collected astrometric data in the Fourth Catalog of Interferometric Measurements of Binary Stars, we give a three-dimensional orbit solution with high precision and derive the preliminary physical parameters of HD 6840 via a simultaneous fit including both astrometric and radial velocity measurements.


Keywords binaries: spectroscopic — astrometry — stars: fundamental parameters — stars: individual (HD 6840)

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