Vol 16, No 11

Example-based super-resolution for single-image analysis from the Chang’e-1 Mission

Fan-Lu Wu, Xiang-Jun Wang


Abstract Due to the low spatial resolution of images taken from the Chang’e-1 (CE-1) orbiter, the details of the lunar surface are blurred and lost. Considering the limited spatial resolution of image data obtained by a CCD camera on CE-1, an example-based super-resolution (SR) algorithm is employed to obtain high-resolution (HR) images. SR reconstruction is important for the application of image data to increase the resolution of images. In this article, a novel example-based algorithm is proposed to implement SR reconstruction by single-image analysis, and the computational cost is reduced compared to other example-based SR methods. The results show that this method can enhance the resolution of images using SR and recover detailed information about the lunar surface. Thus it can be used for surveying HR terrain and geological features. Moreover, the algorithm is significant for the HR processing of remotely sensed images obtained by other imaging systems.


Keywords Moon — methods: data analysis — techniques: image processing

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