Vol 14, No 9

Fast compression and reconstruction of astronomical images based on compressed sensing

Wang-Ping Zhou, Yang Li, Qing-Shan Liu, Guo-Dong Wang, Yuan Liu


Abstract With the fast increase in the resolution of astronomical images, the question of how to process and transfer such large images has become a key issue in astronomy. We propose a new real-time compression and fast reconstruction algorithm for astronomical images based on compressive sensing techniques. We first reconstruct the original signal with fewer measurements, according to its compressibility. Then, based on the characteristics of astronomical images, we apply Daubechies orthogonal wavelets to obtain a sparse representation. A matrix representing a random Fourier ensemble is used to obtain a sparse representation in a lower dimensional space. For reconstructing the image, we propose a novel minimum total variation with block adaptive sensing to balance the accuracy and computation time. Our experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can efficiently reconstruct colorful astronomical images with high resolution and improve the applicability of compressed sensing.


Keywords methods: data analysis — methods: numerical — techniques: image processing

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