Vol 12, No 6

V551 Aur, an oEA binary with g-mode pulsations?

Nian Liu, Xiao-Bin Zhang, An-Bin Ren, Li-Cai Deng, Zhi-Quan Luo


Abstract We present time-series CCD photometry of V551 Aur, an eclipsing binary located in the open cluster NGC 2126 that shows δ Scuti-like pulsations. Complete covered light curves in the B and V bands were obtained with high-precision over nine nights. Based on them, a revised orbital period and the first photometric solutions were determined. Our eclipsing light-curve synthesis reveals a detached configuration for the binary system with a mass-ratio of about 0.73, and the mean density of the pulsating primary component was deduced to be about (0.532±0.005)ρ⊙. A frequency analysis of the eclipse-subtracted light curve yields two reliable frequencies at f1=7.727013(c/d) and f2 =15.45403(c/d), respectively. With the help of the derived mean density, mode identification was performed. The result suggests that the primary component of V551 Aur is very probably g-mode oscillations.


Keywords stars: binaries: eclipsing — stars: oscillations — stars: individual (V551 Aur) — open cluster: individual (NGC 2126)

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