Vol 12, No 5

The debris disk candidates: eleven 24 μm excess stars in the Spitzer SWIRE fields

Hong Wu, Chao-Jian Wu, Chen Cao, Sebastian Wolf, Jing-Yao Hu


Abstract We present the optical to mid-infrared SEDs of 11 debris disk candidates from Spitzer SWIRE fields. All the candidates are selected from SWIRE 24 μm sources matched with both the SDSS star catalog and the 2MASS point source catalog. They show an excess in the mid-infrared at 24 μm (KS –[24]Vega ≥ 0.44), indicating the presence of a circumstellar dust disk. The observed optical spectra show that they are all late-type main-sequence stars covering the spectral types of FGKM. Their fractional luminosities are well above 5×10−5, even up to the high fractional luminosity of 1×10−3. The high galactic latitudes of SWIRE fields indicate that most of these candidates could belong to the oldest stars in the thick disk. Our results indicate that high fractional luminosity debris disks could exist in old solar-like star systems, though they are still quite rare. Their discovery at high galactic latitudes also provides an excellent opportunity for further study of the properties and evolution of debris disks in regions of the Galaxy with low densities of ISM, called ISM poor environments.


Keywords infrared: stars — planetary systems: protoplanetary disks — stars: for- mation

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