Vol 12, No 5

The kinematics of an untwisting solar jet in a polar coronal hole observed by SDO/AIA

Hua-Dong Chen, Jun Zhang, Su-Li Ma


Abstract Using the multi-wavelength data from the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft, we study a jet occurring in a coronal hole near the northern pole of the Sun. The jet presented distinct upward helical motion during ejection. By tracking six identified moving features (MFs) in the jet, we found that the plasma moved at an approximately constant speed along the jet’s axis. Meanwhile, the MFs made a circular motion in the plane transverse to the axis. Inferred from linear and trigonometric fittings to the axial and transverse heights of the six tracks, the mean values of the axial velocities, transverse velocities, angular speeds, rotation periods, and rotation radii of the jet are 114 km s−1, 136 km s−1, 0.81° s−1, 452 s and 9.8 × 103 km respectively. As the MFs rose, the jet width at the corresponding height increased. For the first time, we derived the height variation of the longitudinal magnetic field strength in the jet from the assumption of magnetic flux conservation. Our results indicate that at heights of 1 × 104 ~ 7 × 104 km from the base of the jet, the flux density in the jet decreases from about 15 to 3 G as a function of B = 0.5(R/R⊙ − 1)−0.84 (G). A comparison was made with other results in previous studies.


Keywords Sun: activity — Sun: chromosphere — Sun: magnetic fields — Sun: flares — Sun: rotation

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