Vol 12, No 4

M dwarf stars — the by-product of X-ray selected AGN candidates

Yu Bai, Yan-Chun Sun, Xiang-Tao He, Yang Chen, Jiang-Hua Wu, Qing-Kang Li, Richard F. Green, Wolfgang Voges


Abstract X-ray loud M dwarfs are a major source of by-products (contamination) in the X-ray band of the multiwavelength quasar survey. As a by-product, the low dispersion spectra of 22 M dwarfs are obtained in which the spectra of 16 sources are taken for the first time. The spectral types and distances of the sample are given based on spectral indices CaH2, CaH3, and TiO5. The parameter ζTiO/CaH is calculated to separate the different metallicity classes among dwarfs, subdwarfs and extreme subdwarfs. We also discuss the distributions in the diagrams of log(Lx /Lbol), the ratio between X-ray and bolometric luminosity versus spectral type and infrared colors.


Keywords spectroscopic — stars: X-rays: M dwarfs

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