Vol 12, No 3

Star formation properties in barred galaxies (SFB) II. NGC 2903 and NGC 7080

Zhi-Min Zhou, Chen Cao, Hong Wu


Abstract Stellar bars are important for the secular evolution of disk galaxies because they can drive gas into the galactic central regions. To investigate the star formation properties in barred galaxies, we presented a multi-wavelength study of two barred galaxies: NGC 2903 and NGC 7080. We performed the three-component bulge-disk-bar decomposition using the 3.6 μm images, and identified the bulges in the two galaxies as pseudobulges. Based on the narrowband Hα images, the star formation clumps were identified and analyzed. The clumps in the bulge regions have the highest surface densities of star formation rates in both galaxies, while the star formation activities in the bar of NGC 2903 are more intense than those in the bar of NGC 7080. Finally, we compared our results with the scenario of bar-driven secular evolution in previous studies, and discussed the possible evolutionary stages of the two galaxies.


Keywords galaxies: evolution — galaxies: individual (NGC 2903, NGC 7080) — galaxies: star formation — galaxies: structure

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