Vol 12, No 3

Interaction and eruption of two filaments observed by Hinode, SOHO, and STEREO

Ying Li, Ming-De Ding


Abstract We investigate the interaction between two filaments and the subsequent filament eruption event observed from different viewing angles by Hinode, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, and the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory. In the event, the two filaments rose high, interacted with each other, and finally were ejected along two different paths. We measure the bulk-flow velocity using spectroscopic data. We find significant outflows at the speed of a few hundreds of km s−1 during the filament eruption, and also some downflows at a few tens of km s−1 at the edge of the eruption region in the late stage of the eruption. The erupting material was composed of plasmas with a wide temperature range of 104 –106 K. These results shed light on the filament nature and the coronal dynamics.


Keywords line: profiles — Sun: corona — Sun: filaments — Sun: flares — Sun: UV radiation

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