Vol 12, No 3

The surge-like eruption of a miniature filament

Jia-Yan Yang, Yun-Chun Jiang, Dan Yang, Yi Bi, Bo Yang, Rui-Sheng Zheng, Jun-Chao Hong


Abstract We report on the rare eruption of a miniature Hα filament that took the form of a surge. The filament first underwent a full development within 46 min and then began to erupt 9 min later, followed by a compact, impulsive X-ray class M2.2 flare with a two-ribbon nature only at the early eruption phase. During the eruption, its top rose, whereas the two legs remained rooted in the chromosphere and showed little swelling perpendicular to the rising direction. This led to a surge-like eruption with a narrow angular extent. Similar to the recent observations for standard and blowout X-ray jets by Moore et al., we thus define it as a “blowout Hα surge.” Furthermore, our observations showed that the eruption was associated with (1) a coronal mass ejection guided by a pre-existing streamer, (2) abrupt, significant, and persistent changes in the photospheric magnetic field around the filament, and (3) a sudden disappearance of a small pore. These observations thus provide evidence that a blowout surge is a small-scale version of a large-scale filament eruption in many aspects. Our observations further suggest that at least part of the Hα surges belong to blowout-type cases, and the exact distinction between the standard and blowout Hα surges is important in understanding their different origins and associated eruptive phenomena.


Keywords Sun: activity — Sun: filaments — Sun: flares — Sun: magnetic field — Sun: coronal mass ejections (CMEs)

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