Vol 12, No 2

Radio observations of the first three-months of Fermi AGN at 4.8 GHz

Xiang Liu, Hua-Gang Song, Jun Liu, Zhen Ding, Nicola Marchili, Thomas P. Krichbaum, Lars Fuhrmann, Anton Zensus, Tao An


Abstract Using the Urumqi 25 m radio telescope, sources from the first three months of the Fermi-large area telescope detected active galactic nuclei (AGN) catalog with a declination of > 0° were observed in 2009 at 4.8 GHz. The radio flux density appeared to correlate with the γ-ray intensity. Intra-day variability (IDV) observations were performed in March, April and May 2009 for 42 selected γ-ray bright blazars, and ~60% of them showed evidence of flux variability at 4.8 GHz during the IDV observations. The IDV detection rate was higher than that in previous flat-spectrum AGN samples. IDV appeared more often in the very long baseline interferometry-core dominant blazars, and the non-IDV blazars showed relatively “steeper” spectral indices than the IDV blazars. Pronounced inter-month variability was also found in two BL Lac objects: J0112+2244 and J0238+1636.


Keywords galaxies: active — quasars: general — radio continuum: galaxies — gamma-rays: observations

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