Vol 12, No 2

Studies of a possible new Herbig Ae/Be star in the open cluster NGC 7380

Blesson Mathew, D. P. K. Banerjee, N. M.i Ashok, Annapurni Subramaniam, Bhaskaran Bhavya, Vishal Joshi


Abstract We present a study of the star 2MASS J22472238+5801214 with the aim of identifying its true nature which has hitherto been uncertain. This object, which is a member of the young cluster NGC 7380, has been variously proposed to be a Be star, a D-type symbiotic and a Herbig Ae/Be star in separate studies. Here we present optical spectroscopy, near-IR photometry and narrow band Hα imaging of the nebulosity in its environment. Analysis of all these results, including the spectral energy distribution constructed from available data, strongly indicate the source to be a Herbig Ae/Be star. The star is found to be accompanied by a nebulosity with an interesting structure. A bow-shock shaped structure, similar to a cometary nebula, is seen very close to the star with its apex oriented towards the photoionizing source of this region (i.e. The star DH Cep). An interesting spectroscopic finding, from the forbidden [SII] 6716, 6731 Å and [OI] 6300 Å lines, is the detection of a blue-shifted high velocity outflow (200±50 km s−1) from the star.


Keywords stars: emission-line – Be – stars: pre-main sequence — stars: winds, outflows — galaxies: star clusters: individual: NGC 7380

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