Vol 12, No 12

The impact of turbulence on electron heating and acceleration near the neutral point of externally driven reconnecting current sheets in solar flares

Gui-Ping Wu, Hai-Sheng Ji, Zong-Jun Ning


Abstract We aim to investigate the influence of plasma instability on electron acceleration and heating near the neutral point of a turbulent reconnecting current sheet (RCS). Through numerically solving the one dimensional relativistic Vlasov equation with typical solar coronal parameters and a realistic mass ratio in the presence of a strong inductive electric field E0 , we suggest that the wave-particle scattering may produce a flat electron flux spectrum from thermal to non-thermal electrons without a sudden low-energy cutoff in the acceleration region. The ratio between electron heating and acceleration decreases with the increase of the induced electric field. It is about one for E0 =1 V cm−1 and one fourth for E0 =10 V cm−1. The unstable waves excited by the beam plasma instability first accelerate the electrons, then trap these electrons from further acceleration by an induced electric field through wave-particle resonant interactions.


Keywords turbulence — scattering — Sun: X-rays, gamma rays — acceleration of particles

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