Vol 12, No 12

New CCD photometry of asteroid (1028) Lydina

Yi-Bo Wang, Xiao-Bin Wang


Abstract New CCD photometric observations for asteroid (1028) Lydina, carried out with the 1-m and 2.4-m telescopes at Yunnan Observatory from 2011 December 19 to 2012 February 3, are presented. Using the new light curves, the rotation period of 11.680±0.001 hours is derived with the Phase Dispersion Minimization (PDM) method. In addition, using the Amplitude-Aspect method, the elementary results of the pole orientation of asteroid (1028) Lydina are obtained: λp = (111±4)°, βp = (31+4−5) ° Meanwhile, the axial ratios of the tri-axial ellipsoid are estimated: a/b = 1.77+0.10−0.08 and b/c = 1.17+0.07−0.09.


Keywords asteroids: photometric — observation: rotation period — pole orienta- tion: tri-axial ellipsoid

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