Vol 12, No 11

The properties of a large volume-limited sample of face-on low surface brightness disk galaxies

Guo-Hu Zhong, Yan-Chun Liang, Feng-Shan Liu, Francois Hammer, Karen Disseau, Li-Cai Deng


Abstract We select a large volume-limited sample of low surface brightness galaxies (LSBGs, 2021) to investigate in detail their statistical properties and their differences from high surface brightness galaxies (HSBGs, 3639). The distributions of stellar masses of LSBGs and HSBGs are nearly the same and they have the same median values. Thus this volume-limited sample has good completeness and is further removed from the effect of stellar masses on their other properties when we compare LSBGs to HSBGs. We found that LSBGs tend to have lower stellar metallicities and lower effective dust attenuations, indicating that they have lower dust than HSBGs. The LSBGs have relatively higher stellar mass-to-light ratios, higher gas fractions, lower star forming rates (SFRs), and lower specific SFRs than HSBGs. Moreover, with the decreasing surface brightness, gas fraction increases, but the SFRs and specific SFRs decrease rapidly for the sample galaxies. This could mean that the star formation histories between LSBGs and HSBGs are different, and HSBGs may have stronger star forming activities than LSBGs.


Keywords galaxies: fundamental parameters — galaxies: general — galaxies: statis- tics — galaxies: stellar content

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