Vol 12, No 11

Possible origin of the Damocloids: the scattered disk or a new region?

Su Wang, Hai-Bin Zhao, Jiang-Hui Ji, Sheng Jin, Yan Xia, Hao Lu, Min Wang, Jin-Sheng Yao


Abstract The Damocloids are a group of unusual asteroids that recently added a new member: 2010 EJ104. The dynamical evolution of the Damocloids may reveal a connection from the Main Belt to the Kuiper Belt and beyond the scattered disk. According to our simulations, two regions may be considered as possible origins of the Damocloids: the scattered disk, or a part of the Oort cloud, which will be perturbed to a transient region located between 700 AU and 1000 AU. Based on their potential origin, the Damocloids can be classified into two types, depending on their semi-major axes, and about 65.5% of the Damocloids are classified into type I which mainly originate from the Oort cloud. Whether the Damocloids are inactive nuclei of the Halley Family of Comets may depend on their origin.


Keywords methods: numerical — celestial mechanics — minor planets, asteroids: Damocloids

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