Vol 9, No 8 (2009)

Wei Cui

Posted: Mar 23, 2022

Wei Cui 

Professor of Department of Physics, Purdue University

Contact Information

Physics Building, Room 313

525 Northwestern Avenue

West Lafayette, IN 47907-2036

United States

Phone: (765)494-5395

Fax: (765)494-0706

E-mail: cui@physics.purdue.edu

Personal Homepage: http://www.physics.purdue.edu/~cui/


1994 Ph.D. Physics, University of Wisconsin–Madison

1989   M.S. Physics, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

1987   B.S. Physics, University of Science and Technology of China

Professional Experience:

2009 - present: Professor, Dept. of Physics, Purdue University

2005 - 2009: Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics, Purdue University

2000 - 2005: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, Purdue University

1994 - 2000: Research Scientist, Center for Space Research, MIT

Honors and Awards:

Purdue Seed for Success Award (2006,2007)

Purdue University Faculty Scholar (2006-2011)

NASA Group Award for the development, fabrication, and launch of the first X-ray microcalorimeter experiment (1998)

NASA Group Award for the development, fabrication, and launch of the first X-ray microcalorimeter experiment (1998)

Research Areas: 

Microquasars, active galactic nuclei, gamma ray bursts, X-ray binaries, and instrumentation for astronomical applications. NASA ADS

Selected Publications: 

“Radio Imaging of the Tera-electron Volt emission region in the central engine of a radio galaxy”, The VERITAS Collaboration: Acciari, V.A., et al. 2009, Science, in press

“Modelling the broad-band spectral energy distribution of the microquasars XTE J1550-564 and H 1743-322”, Xue, Y., Wu, X.-B., Cui, W. 2008, MNRAS, 384, 440 NASA ADS

“On the radio/X-ray correlation in microquasars”, Xue, Y.Q., Cui, W. 2007, A&A, 466, 1053 NASA ADS

“Chandra View of the Unidentified TeV Gamma-ray Source HESS J1804-216”, Cui, W., Konopelko, A. 2006, ApJ, 652, L109 NASA ADS

“A Multiwavelength View of Mrk 421: Orphan TeV Flares, Correlated Variability, and Spectral Evolution”, M. Blazejowski, et al. 2005, ApJ, 630, 130 NASA ADS

“An Accretion-Jet Model for Black Hole Binaries: Interpreting the Spectral and Timing Features of XTE J1118+480”, Yuan, F., Cui, W., Narayan, R. 2005, ApJ, 620, 905 NASA ADS

”X-ray Flaring Activity of Mrk 421”, Cui, W. 2004, ApJ, 605, 662 NASA ADS

“The remarkable rapid X-ray, ultraviolet, optical and infrared variability in the black hole XTE J1118+480”, Hynes, R. I., Haswell, C.A., Cui, W., Shrader, C.R., O’Brien, K., Chaty, S., Skillman, D.R., Patterson, J., Horne, K. 2003, MNRAS, 345, 292 NASA ADS

“Why Is It Difficult to Detect a Millisecond Pulsar in Neutron Star X-Ray Binaries?”, Titarchuk, L., Cui, W., and Wood, K. 2002, ApJ, 576, L49 NASA ADS

“The correlated intensity and spectral evolution of Cyg X-1 during the state transition,” Wen, L., Cui, W., Bradt, H.V. 2001, ApJ, 546, L105 NASA ADS

“On the Disappearance of Kilohertz Quasi-Periodic Oscillations at a High Mass Accretion Rate in Low-Mass X-ray Binaries”, Cui, W. 2000, ApJ, 534, L31 NASA ADS

“Phase Lags of Quasi-periodic Oscillations in Microquasar GRS 1915+105”, Cui, W. 1999, ApJ, 524, L59 NASA ADS

“Evidence for Frame Dragging around Spinning Black Holes in X-Ray Binaries”, Cui, W., Zhang, S.N., Chen, W. 1998, ApJ, 492, L53 NASA ADS

“Evidence for ”Propeller” Effects in X-Ray Pulsars GX 1+4 and GRO J1744-28”, Cui, W. 1997, ApJ, 482, L163 NASA ADS

“Black Hole Spin in X-Ray Binaries: Observational Consequences”, Zhang, S.N., Cui, W., Chen, W. 1997, ApJ, 482, L155 NASA ADS

“First Results from the All-Sky Monitor on the Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer”, Levine, A.M., Bradt, H., Cui, W., Jernigan, J.G., Morgan, E.H., Remillard, R., Shirey, R.E., Smith, D.A. 1996, ApJ, 469, L33 NASA ADS

“Hopping conduction in partially compensated doped silicon”, Zhang, J., Cui, W., Juda, M., McCammon, D., Kelley, R.L., Moseley, S.H., Stahle, C.K., Szymkowiak, A.E. 1993, Phys Rev B, 48, 2312 NASA ADS

“Two-temperature models of old supernova remnants with ion and electron thermal conduction”, Cui, W., Cox, D.P. 1992, ApJ, 401, 206 NASA ADS