Vol 22, No 7 (2022)

Dr. Baolin Tan

Source: 李向华 Posted: Sep 13, 2022

Dr. Baolin Tan got his PhDin Purple Mountain Observatory of CAS in 2006 June. He is now a professor in the National Astronomical Observatories of CAS, and also a professor on Plasma Astrophysics in the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. His main research interest is focused on solar physics, including topics of electric currents in solar atmosphere, the spectral fine structures of solar radio bursts, coronal magnetic field diagnostics from radio observations, precursors of solar eruptions, coronal heating, and the origin of solar cycles. He discovered several new characteristics of solar radio bursts, including millisecond timescale of broadband microwave QPPs, statistics of microwave zebra patterns, and peculiar small microwave bursts. He also demonstrated the multi-timescales of solar cycles, and the strong correlations between the planetary motions in solar system and solar cycles. He proposed a tearing-mode modulation model to explain the formation of radio spectral fine structures, and a magnetic gradient pumping model to explain the coronal heating and the triggering mechanism of solar eruptions. He has published more than 80 papers on journals of ApJ, Solar Physics, A&A, RAA, etc. 

The following lists his several key publications:

(1)Tan B.L., Yan Y.H., Tan C.M., & Liu Y.Y., The Microwave Pulsations and the Tearing modes in the Current-Carrying Flare Loops, 2007, ApJ, 671964-972.

(2)Tan B.L., Zhang Y., Tan C.M., & Liu Y.Y., Microwave Quasi-periodic Pulsations in Multi-timescales Associated with a solar Flare/CME Event, 2010, ApJ, 723, 25

(3)Tan B.L. & Tan C.M., Microwave quasi-periodic pulsation with millisecond bursts in a solar flare on 2011 August 9, 2012, ApJ, 749, 28

(4)Tan B.L. & Cheng Z., The mid-term and long-term solar quasi-periodic cycles and the possible relationship with planetary motions, 2013, Ap&SS, 343, 511-521

(5)Tan B.L., Coronal Heating Driven by Magnetic-gradient Pumping Mechanism in Solar Plasmas, 2014, ApJ, 795, 140

(6)Tan B.L., Yu Z.Q., Huang J., Tan C.M., Zhang Y., Very Long-period Pulsations before the Onset of Solar Flares, 2016, ApJ, 833, 206

(7)Tan B.L., Chen N.-H, Yang Y.H., Tan C.M., Masuda S., Chen X.Y., Misawa H., Solar Fast Drifting Radio Bursts in an X1.3 Flare on 2014 April 25, 2019, ApJ, 885:90

(8)Tan B.L., Yan Y., Li T., Zhang Y., Chen X.Y., Magnetic gradient: A National Driver of Solar Eruptions, 2020, RAA, 20, 90

(9)Tan B.L., Diagnostic functions of solar coronal magnetic fields from radio observations, 2022, RAA, 22072001