Vol 18, No 12 (2018)

Prof. Ye Xu

Posted: Apr 01, 2022

Prof. Ye Xu

Purple Mountain Observatory

Email: xuye@pmo.ac.cn

Brief Introduction

Dr. Xu is a radio astronomer. His major areas of research are in the formation of massive stars and Galactic structure, in particular through measuring the trigonometric parallax of masers to reconstruct the spiral arm structure of the Milky Way.

Research Invitations:

  • August 2017: Chairman of the session of Galactic structure for Sardina IAU Maser meeting

  • October 2013: Invited speaker at the 7th Korean Astrophysics Workshop on “Dynamics of Disk Galaxies”

  • June 2013: A plenary talk on the SKA Science Workshop in East Asia, Nagoya University

  • August 2012: Member of the SOC for Beijing IAU cosmic distance meeting

  • February 2012: Invited to Cape Town IAU Maser meeting

Selected publications:

  1. A comparison of the local spiral structure from Gaia DR2 and VLBI maser parallaxes,Xu,Y.; Bian, S. B.; Reid, M. J. et al.,2018A&A...616L..15X

  2. The local spiral structure of the Milky Way,Xu, Y.; Reid, M.; Dame, T. et al., 2016SciA....2E0878X

  3. On the Nature of the Local Spiral Arm of the Milky Way,Xu, Y.; Li, J. J.; Reid, M. J. et al., 2013ApJ...769...15X

  4. Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star-forming Regions. VIII. G12.89+0.49, G15.03-0.68 (M17), and G27.36-0.16,Xu, Y.; Moscadelli, L.; Reid, M. J.; Menten, K. M. et al., 2011ApJ...733...25X

  5. Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star-Forming Regions: III. G59.7+0.1 and W 51 IRS2,Xu, Y.; Reid, M. J.; Menten, K. M. et al., 2009ApJ...693..413X

  6. The Distance to the Perseus Spiral Arm in the Milky Way,Xu, Y.; Reid, M. J.; Zheng, X. W.; Menten, K. M.,2006Sci...311...54X

  7. Trigonometric Parallaxes of High Mass Star Forming Regions: The Structure and Kinematics of the Milky Way,Reid, M. J.; Menten, K. M.; Brunthaler, A.; Zheng, X. W.; Dame, T. M.; Xu, Y. et al.,2014ApJ...783..130R

  8. Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star-Forming Regions. VI. Galactic Structure, Fundamental Parameters, and Noncircular Motions,Reid, M. J.; Menten, K. M.; Zheng, X. W.; Brunthaler, A.; Moscadelli, L.; Xu, Y. et al., 2009ApJ...700..137R