Vol 11, No 01 (2011)

Odylio D. Aguiar

Posted: Apr 01, 2022

Odylio D. Aguiar

Titular Researcher III, Divisão de Astrofísica Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais - INPE (São José dos Campos, Brazil)

Contact Information

E-mail: odylio@das.inpe.br

A short CV:

1978 Graduate in Electrical Engineering (Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica)
1990 PhD in Experimental Gravitational Physics (Louisiana State University)
1979-1981 Research Assistant (INPE)
1981-1991 Adjunct Researcher (INPE)
1991-1994 Associated Researcher (INPE)
since 1994 Titular Researcher (INPE) Coordinator of the Brazilian Graviton Project on Gravitational Wave Detection Published about 60 papers in refereed journals Supervised seven Ph.D. Thesis

Research Domain:

I'm involved in the Graviton project (a Brazilian resonant-mass spherical antenna for gravitational wave detection) since 1992. Under the collaboration of this project, we have built the Mario Schenberg detector at the University of São Paulo with the support of FAPESP, CNPq, CAPES and MCT. This detector started commissioning operations in 2006.

A typical paper:

  • Aguiar, O. D., et al. The Status of the Brazilian Spherical Detector. Classical and Quantum Gravity, v. 19, p. 1949-1953, 2002.NASA ADS