Vol 10, No 5 (2010)

Alexander V. Krivov

Posted: Mar 31, 2022

Alexander V. Krivov

Professor of Astrophysics,
Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany

Contact Information

Astrophysical Institute and University Observatory
Friedrich Schiller University
Schillergaesschen 2-3, 07745 Jena,

Phone: +49 3641 947 530
Fax: +49 3641 947 512
E-mail: krivov@astro.uni-jena.de
Personal Homepage: http://www.astro.uni-jena.de/~krivov


1983 M.Sc. (honors) Leningrad University
1988 Ph.D. Leningrad University
2002 D.Sc. St. Petersburg University

Professional History:

1983-1988 Research Assistant, Leningrad University
1988-1992 Research Scientist, Leningrad University
1992-2001 Associate Professor, St. Petersburg University
2000-2004 Research Scientist, University of Potsdam
since 2004 Professor of Astrophysics, University of Jena


  • 1997 Jozef Mianowski Fellowship, Poland

  • 1999-2000 Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Germany

  • 2009 Isaac Newton Fellowship, UK


  • International Astronomical Union (since 1997)

  • American Astronomical Society / DPS (since 2001)

  • Euro-Asian Astronomical Society (since 1997)

  • COSPAR (associate, since 1996)

Areas of Expertise 

  • Cosmic dust

  • Extrasolar planetary systems

  • Orbital dynamics

  • Relativistic celestial mechanics and astrometry (past)

Selected Relevant Publications

  • S. Mueller, T. Loehne, and A.V. Krivov (2010). The Debris Disk of Vega: A Steady-State Collisional Cascade, Naturally, Astrophys. J. 708, 1728-1747.NASA ADS

  • A.V. Krivov, F. Herrmann, A. Brandeker, and Ph. Thebault (2009). Can Gas in Young Debris Disks Be Constrained by Their Radial Brightness Profiles? Astron. Astrophys. 507, 1503-1516.NASA ADS

  • M. Reidemeister, A.V. Krivov, T. O. B. Schmidt, et al. (2009). A Possible Architecture of the Planetary System HR~8799. Astron. Astrophys. 503, 247-258.NASA ADS

  • A.V. Krivov, S. Mueller, T. Loehne, and H. Mutschke (2008). Collisional and Thermal Emission Models of Debris Disks: Towards Planetesimal Population Properties. Astrophys. J. 687, 608-622.NASA ADS

  • T. Loehne, A.V. Krivov, and J. Rodmann (2008). Long-Term Collisional Evolution of Debris Disks. Astrophys. J. 673, 1123-1137.NASA ADS

  • M. Queck, A.V. Krivov, M. Sremcevic, and Ph. Th\'ebault (2007). Collisional Velocities and Rates in Resonant Planetesimal Belts. Celest. Mech. Dynam. Astron. 99, 169-196.NASA ADS

  • F. Freistetter, A.V. Krivov, and T. Loehne (2007). Planets of Beta Pictoris revisited. Astron. Astrophys. 466, 389-393.NASA ADS

  • A.V. Krivov, M. Queck, T. Loehne, and M. Sremcevic (2007).