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The Lobster Eye Imager for Astronomy Onboard the SATech-01 Satellite

Source: 李向华 Posted: May 15, 2023

Z.X. Ling, X.J. Sun, C. Zhang, S.L. Sun, G. Jin, S.N. Zhang, X.F. Zhang, J.B. Chang, F.S. Chen, Y.F. Chen, Z.W. Cheng, W. Fu, Y.X. Han, H. Li, J.F. Li, Y. Li, Z.D. Li, P.R. Liu, Y.H. Lv, X.H. Ma, Y.J. Tang, C.B. Wang, R.J. Xie, Y.L. Xue, A.L. Yan, Q. Zhang, C.Y. Bao, H.B. Cai, H.Q. Cheng, C.Z. Cui, Y.F. Dai, D.W. Fan, H.B. Hu, J.W. Hu, M.H. Huang, Z.Q. Jia, C.C. Jin, D.Y. Li, J.Q. Li, H.Y. Liu, M.J. Liu, Y. Liu, H.W. Pan, Y.L. Qiu, M. Sugizaki, H. Sun, W.X. Wang, Y.L. Wang, Q.Y. Wu, X.P. Xu, Y.F. Xu, H.N. Yang, et al.

Received: 2023-03-15; Accepted: 2023-05-05

Manuscript No. RAA-2023-0080