Vol 24, No 5

A Catalog of 13CO Clumps from the MWISP in l = 10°–20°

Xiaoyu Luo, Sheng Zheng, Zhibo Jiang, Zhiwei Chen, Yao Huang, Shuguang Zeng, Xiangyun Zeng, Rui Zhang, Chen Long, Guangrong Zhou et al.


In this study, we present a catalog of molecular clumps extracted from 13CO (J = 1 − 0) emission data of the Milky Way Imaging Scroll Painting (MWISP) project. The data covers the inner Milky Way within the longitude range 10° ≤ l ≤ 20° and the latitude strip of . The workflow for the extraction of clumps, namely Facet-SS-3D-Clump, consists of two parts: the identification of clump candidates and their verification. First, Facet-SS-3D-Clump employs FacetClumps to identify clump candidates. Subsequently, high-confidence clumps are obtained by cross-matching with the clumps detected by other algorithms, such as dendrogram. Second, these high-confidence clumps are used as prior knowledge to train a semi-supervised deep clustering approach, SS-3D-Clump, which is applied to verify clump candidates detected by FacetClumps, providing confidence levels for the molecular clumps. Finally, the catalog comprising 18,757 molecular clumps was obtained using Facet-SS-3D-Clump, and the catalog is 90% complete above 37 K km s−1. We observe a significant deviation of the mean Galactic latitude for clumps within ∣b∣ ≤ 2° from the midplane, with . We found that 82.3% of the dust clumps correspond to 13CO clumps by matching with Herschel infrared dust clumps. In the future, Facet-SS-3D-Clump will be applied to detect 13CO clumps in the entire MWISP data.


Key words: ISM: molecules – methods: data analysis – stars: formation

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