Vol 24, No 5

Astronomical Test with CMOS on the 60 cm Telescope at the Xinglong Observatory, NAOC

Hai-Yang Mu, Zhou Fan, Yi-Nan Zhu, Yu Zhang and Hong Wu


This work shows details of an evaluation of an observational system comprising a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor detector, 60 cm telescope and filter complement. The system's photometric precision and differential photometric precision, and extinction coefficients were assessed through observations of Supersky flat fields, open clusters, standard stars and exoplanets. Photometry was precision achieved at the 0.02 mag level, with differential photometry of 0.004 mag precision. Extinction was found to agree with previous studies conducted at Xinglong Observatory. Ultimately, the results demonstrate this observing system is capable of precision scientific observations with a charge-coupled device across the optical wavelengths.


Key words: atmospheric effects – instrumentation: detectors – techniques: polarimetric – stars: atmospheres – eclipses

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