Vol 24, No 5

New Vacuum Solar Telescope Achieves Narrowband Infrared Solar Imaging Observation at He i 10830 Å

Wei-Jie Meng, Fang-Yu Xu and Zhen-Yu Jin


The near-infrared imaging channel constitutes a crucial component of the multichannel high-resolution imaging system of the New Vacuum Solar Telescope (NVST). We have successfully achieved high-resolution, narrowband imaging of the chromosphere using He i 10830 Å triplet within this channel, which significantly enhances the imaging observation capabilities of NVST. This paper provides a concise overview of the optical system associated with the near-infrared imaging channel, detailing data processing procedures and presenting several observed images. Leveraging a high-resolution image reconstruction algorithm, we were able to generate a narrowband image near the diffraction limit at 10830 Å with a temporal resolution of less than 10 s.


Key words: instrumentation: detectors – instrumentation: high angular resolution – Sun: chromosphere – Sun: infrared

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