Vol 24, No 5

On the Surface Helium Abundance of B-type Hot Subdwarf Stars from the WD+MS Channel of Type Ia Supernovae

Rui-Jie Ji, Xiang-Cun Meng and Zheng-Wei Liu


The origin of intermediate helium (He)-rich hot subdwarfs is still unclear. Previous studies have suggested that some surviving Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) companions from the white dwarf + main-sequence (WD+MS) channel may contribute to the intermediate He-rich hot subdwarfs. However, previous studies ignored the impact of atomic diffusion on the post-explosion evolution of surviving companion stars of SNe Ia, leading to the aspect that they could not explain the observed surface He abundance of intermediate He-rich hot subdwarfs. In this work, by taking the atomic diffusion and stellar wind into account, we trace the surviving companions of SNe Ia from the WD+MS channel using the one-dimensional stellar evolution code MESA until they evolve into hot subdwarfs. We find that the surface He-abundances of our surviving companion models during their core He-burning phases are in a range of , which are consistent with those observed in intermediate He-rich hot subdwarfs. This seems to further support the notion that it is possible for surviving companions of SNe Ia in the WD+MS channel to form some intermediate He-rich hot subdwarfs.


Key words: (stars:) subdwarfs – atomic processes – diffusion

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