Vol 24, No 4

A Confined Two-peaked Solar Flare Observed by EAST and SDO

Liang Zhang, Ruisheng Zheng, Zhike Xue, Changhui Rao, Qing Lin, Zhimao Du, Jiawen Yao, Libo Zhong and Yao Chen


The solar flare is one of the most violent explosions, and can disturb the near-Earth space weather. Except for commonly single-peaked solar flares in soft X-ray, some special flares show intriguing a two-peak feature that is deserved much more attentions. Here, we reported a confined two-peaked solar flare and analyzed the associated eruptions using high-quality observations from Educational Adaptive-optics Solar Telescope and Solar Dynamics Observatory. Before the flare, a magnetic flux rope (MFR) formed through partially tether-cutting reconnection between two sheared arches. The flare occurred after the MFR eruption that was confined by the overlying strong field. Interestingly, a small underlying filament immediately erupted, which was possibly destabilized by the flare ribbon. The successive eruptions were confirmed by the analysis of the emission measure and the reconnection fluxes. Therefore, we suggest that the two peaks of the confined solar flare are corresponding to two episodes of magnetic reconnection during the successive eruptions of the MFR and the underlying filament.


Key words: Sun: activity – Sun: corona – Sun: flares – Sun: magnetic fields – Sun: filaments – prominences Online material: animations

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