Vol 24, No 4

On the Performances of Estimating Stellar Atmospheric Parameters from CSST Broad-band Photometry

Rui-Feng Shi, Yang Huang, Xin-Yi Li and Hua-Wei Zhang


Deriving atmospheric parameters of a large sample of stars is of vital importance to understand the formation and evolution of the Milky Way. Photometric surveys, especially those with near-ultraviolet filters, can offer accurate measurements of stellar parameters, with the precision comparable to that from low/medium resolution spectroscopy. In this study, we explore the capability of measuring stellar atmospheric parameters from Chinese Space Station Telescope (CSST) broad-band photometry (particularly in the near-ultraviolet bands), based on synthetic colors derived from model spectra. We find that colors from the optical and near-ultraviolet filter systems adopted by CSST show significant sensitivities to the stellar atmospheric parameters, especially the metallicity. According to our mock data tests, the precision of the photometric metallicity is quite high, with typical values of 0.17 and 0.20 dex for dwarf and giant stars, respectively. The precision of the effective temperature estimated from broad-band colors are within 50 K.


Key words: methods: data analysis – stars: abundances – surveys

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